My Little Roleplay Kingdom....

Welcome Roleplayers!

Looking for a roleplay partner? I am too!

Here is where I place all of my roleplay information and other feel free to explore!

Types of Roleplay:

  • Modern-Just regular people and some other ideas are allowed if you ask.
  • Fantasy-I'll do demons, angels, vampires, and other kinds. Again, just ask! :)
  • Odd Pairings-DemonxAngel, VampirexAngel, or others.
  • I only do MxF romance or FxF only if you ask politely, as it is not my preference.
  • I don't have a limit on vulgar language.
  • I will only go as far as is permitted under the law.
  • Violence is pretty okay with me. 

I please ask that you type in a way that is understandable, as I will do the same. I prefer responses to be two sentences or longer, asit would die off pretty quickly if that were not the case...

I look forward to hearing from you! 
(Contact information is in the "Contact" tab.)